6 Tips to find a good appliance service company

Appliances have made our lives a whole lot easier. These electronic work horses have become very much a part of our lives and are often taken for granted. However, their importance becomes evident when one them breaks down. This is exactly why finding a good appliance repair company is very important for any modern family. However, with so many different firms offering similar services finding an honest and skilled appliance repair firm can prove to be easier said than done. There are many repair companies out there that charge more than they should for simple one time fixes. Others lack expertise and takes days just to detect the problem. Here’s our list of 6 vital tips that should help you identify a good repair firm.


Tip 1 (Get In Touch With Their Customers): When it comes to choosing a repair firm, a lot depends on their track record. To get a better hold of a firm’s reputation, you can read online customer reviews. You can also ask the repair company to give you the contact details of few of their customers. If they do, have a detailed discussion about their service and resolution time. It always helps to speak to a customer who has faced a similar problem. Therefore, if you are looking for refrigerator repair job, insist on speaking to customers who have recently fixed their refrigerator using their services.




Tip 2 (Check If The Firm Is Licensed): Make sure the firm you choose is licensed by the proper authorities to perform repair jobs. To be sure ask for their license number and then check it online.



Tip 3 (Speak To The Technician Directly): An appliance repair firm is only as good as the technicians they have. Insist on speaking to the technician who will do the repair work. While in conversation, describe the detailed problem and ask for the specific solution. Make sure you understand how he or she plans to resolve the particular problem. The last thing you want is a repair person dismantling your appliance and taking wild guesses.



Tip 4 (Check If The Company Offers A Service Guarantee): There are lot of companies out there who offer service guarantees. However, most keep their guarantee periods short and hide specific terms and conditions. Make sure you understand the details of the service guarantee including the guarantee period.



Tip 5 (Ask If The Technicians Are Trained Regularly): Appliances get more and more complicated with each passing year. Appliance manufacturers keep on adding new features to improve the functionality of their products. However, this means technicians should also make an effort to keep themselves updated about new developments. Make sure to ask if the technicians are trained regularly about new developments.



Tip 6 (Do Your Share Of Research On The Internet): You will be surprised how much Google can tell you about a firm. This should not take more than a few minutes, so just type the repair firm’s full name and press the search buttons. If it’s an old firm, you should come across reviews, articles, and blog posts. You should also check the company’s Facebook page. Read the customer comments as this should give you a fair idea about what people are saying about their quality of service.